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  • Divine Savior Holy Angels (est. 1996)

  • Catholic Memorial (est. 1997) (folded 1998) (re-est. 2006)

  • Kettle Moraine (est. 2000)

  • Bruisers (est. 2004)

  • Green Bay Pulaski (est. 2015)

  • Oshkosh (est. unknown)

  • Madison (est. 2016)

  • Stevens Point (est. 2017)

  • Sussex Hamilton (est. 2017)

  • Green Bay N.E.W. (est. 2019)

  • Muskego (est. 2021)


The first Wisconsin high school girls rugby team formed at DSHA girls school in 1996 under Dan Chanen, as an official school club.  A year later, the first high school girls rugby match involving Wisconsin teams took place against an unofficial Catholic Memorial Krusader team (est. 1997).  Memorial’s team lasted one season before folding.  DSHA played predominantly collegiate sides for these first three years.

After the first high school girls National Invitation Tournament was held in Milwaukee in 2000, several new programs began and a conference, originally called the “Super Four” was formed.  The first conference season and state championship occurred in the fall of 2001. A state tournament was introduced in 2007. 

For the first four years, the existing teams were divided into two divisions.  After a conference season of pool play, the top four teams in each division were pitted against the other division in a three-week playoff, culminating in a one-day State Championship tournament featuring every team playing for their final State ranking. In 2012 all teams played each other in one division, with teams playing a one-round playoff at the State Championship to determine 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th place.

In 2012, the league officially joined the Wisconsin Rugby Union.

This season the league celebrates it’s 20th season of organized league play.


President | 

Betsy Wendelberger

Vice-President |

Joe Garcia

Director of Finance |

Alex Glorioso

Director of Communications |

Brittany Aprahamian 

Director of Development |

Nina Rouse

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